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Ways The Whole Family Can Get Involved In Green Energy Savings

Like others, you probably do not give the environment much thought as you use certain items in your home. However, every choice you make impacts the environment in some way. There are many ways to use green energy at home and protect the environment. The following tips will give you an idea of how to […]


Amazon fires dozens of Prime Air employees, looks to other manufacturers for its drones

Amazon has been developing its drone program for seven years now. While it recently appeared to be edging closer to completion, a new report suggests the project has just stumbled, with dozens of staff laid off and the company looking at external manufacturers to help build the devices.Citing a person familiar with the its plans, […]


Nvidia beats Wall Street estimates with record quarterly earnings

Nvidia this week turned in a record earnings report that beat analyst expectations but did little to rouse investors. A solid holiday forecast and the pending acquisition of chip designer Arm, however, could go a long way in changing investors’ tune.For the quarter ending October 25, 2020, Nvidia reported revenue of $4.73 billion, an increase […]


Razer’s new ‘Wolverine V2’ gamepad is optimized for next-gen Xbox gaming

If you find the basic Xbox Series X controller to be a bit underwhelming for a next-gen input device, Razer might have some good news for you today. Starting now, you can get your hands on the gaming peripheral maker’s all-new “Razer Wolverine V2,” a wired USB gamepad designed for the Xbox Series X and […]


So-called iPhone 12 ‘screen defect’ might actually be an iOS bug

The iPhone 12 line has been out for a few weeks now, which means it’s time for the bugs to start popping up. Among the first complaints is something that is being referred to as a “screen defect.” However, it may be a fixable software glitch, so don’t ask for a refund just yet.Some iPhone […]


Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max camera stuns when shooting in RAW

I’ve long been a proponent of standalone digital cameras. They somewhat force you to think about your shots and are flexible with regards to lens choice, but most importantly, the quality of images they turn out is far better than what you can get from a smartphone camera. Or at least, that used to be […]


Cyberpunk 2077’s latest action-packed gameplay

Cyberpunk’s latest Night City Wire event was easily its meatiest yet. It covered a wide array of topics, including Cyberpunk 2077’s soundtrack, the bonus in-game goodies players can expect to see, the title’s special facial animation technology (which we’ve covered in the past), and two separate sections dedicated to the legendary actor Keanu Reeves’ role […]


Amazon’s 2nd-gen ‘Echo Frames’ smart glasses arrive on December 10 for $250

Smart glasses have a bit of a troubled past, and it’s been difficult for any company to gain a solid foothold in this market segment (outside of niche enterprise use cases, anyway). However, Amazon is taking another crack at it with the 2nd generation of its Echo Frames smart glasses, a pair of eyewear that […]