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Ways The Whole Family Can Get Involved In Green Energy Savings

Like others, you probably do not give the environment much thought as you use certain items in your home. However, every choice you make impacts the environment in some way. There are many ways to use green energy at home and protect the environment. The following tips will give you an idea of how to […]


Scientists identify brain cells that help drive bodily reaction to fear, anxiety

Strong emotions such as fear and anxiety tend to be accompanied and reinforced by measurable bodily changes including increased blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, and dilation of the eyes’ pupils. These so-called “physiological arousal responses” are often abnormally high or low in psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depression. Now scientists at the […]


Better survival among women after lung cancer surgery

There are known differences in the survival rates of women and men with lung cancer. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet set out to investigate potential reasons behind this disparity, such as the presence of other underlying diseases and smoking status. The study, which was published in Chest, shows that women have better survival rates after lung […]


Why people fear performing CPR on women and what to do about it

The reluctance, new research suggests, may be fueled by worries of being accused of sexual assault or doing physical harm. Knowing people’s secret fears is the first step to dispelling them, experts say. The insights come from a new survey of 520 men and women who were asked to rank potential reasons someone might not […]


Buddies and stepped-up rewards add exercise incentive, study finds

It can take just pennies a day to motivate people to exercise more, and they will step up their efforts even more when teamed with a buddy to collect joint rewards, a Western University study shows. A combination of social connectedness and redeemable points not only gets people moving more but can lead to long-term […]


Long-term survival after heart attack could hinge on where you live

Having a heart attack before your 50th birthday is bad enough. But new research shows if you also live in a poor neighborhood, your chances of dying within a decade of that heart attack are higher. “This tells us that we need to focus not just on a patient’s medical problems, but on the whole […]


Junk food, booze often star in America’s hit movies

If there was an Oscar for “most unhealthy food in a leading role,” many of America’s most popular movies would be serious contenders. That’s the conclusion of a new review of food content featured in 250 top-grossing U.S. movies. More often than not, the fictional food choices were so bad they wouldn’t make the cut […]


U.S. nephrology trainees doubt skill in home hemodialysis

U.S. nephrology trainees report moderate and low confidence for peritoneal dialysis (PD) and home hemodialysis (HHD), respectively, according to a study published online Nov. 16 in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. Nupur Gupta, M.D., from the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, and colleagues conducted a cross-sectional study surveying 110 nephrology trainees regarding […]